Uwell Crown 2 Coils

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The Replacement Coils for Uwell Crown 2 Tank are designed for specifically using with this tank. These coils are based on the Bottom Vertical Coil technology and a con shaped positive connector is used for efficient airflow. These coils are available in three different resistances; 0.25oh, 0.5ohm and 0.8ohms. Uwell Crown 2 coils are manufactured from Stainless Steel or Kanthal wire, wrapped around 100% pure Japanese organic cotton coil to evenly vaporize your vape juice.

Features& Specifications Of Uwell Crown 2 Tank Coils

  • Resistance Levels 0.25ê, 0.50ê, 0.8ê.
  • 0.25ê and 0.50ê coils-stainless steel wire
  • 0.8ê coil -Clapton A1 wire
  • 100% organic Japanese cotton
  • For use with an authentic Uwell Crown II subtank
  • Large juice ports

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  • Uwell Crown 2 Replacement coil Heads (4 Pcs)

      Available in a pack of 4.